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LYL Blog Challenge: What Do People Thank You For?

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Day 3 of blog challenge writing prompt: What do you people thank you for?

I would say that people thank me most for my enthusiasm, honesty, affection, integrity and fearlessness (I’m not really fearless). Many times it has come to a shock to me when people make it a point to say that I’m honest and actually listening to them. It makes me sad that this isn’t a more common thing happening in people’s interactions with each other. Of course I’m listening, otherwise, why would we take the time to be together? It’s the bare minimum.

Then, when it comes to honesty and integrity, I know no other way to be. It’s so natural to me to do what I think is right. If not, the guilt eats away at me. I guess my parents did something right, being cursed with a healthy conscience can’t be such a bad thing.

I have also been told that my “fearlessness” and go-getter attitude inspires people to act which pleases me because I’m not actually fearless. That’s just me pushing past my fear and doing what I must. I think the worst things that have happened in people’s lives is a result of fear and being ruled by it:

  • Destroyed relationships
  • Lost Opportunities
  • Boredom
  • Unwarranted aggression
  • Wars
  • Cruelty

I can go on and on about how fear flat out SUCKS! It’s okay to be scared, just don’t let it stop you. You have probably read over and over about my decision to move to NYC despite my uneasiness before and during the transition. It has been my best decision despite the “unsexy” moments of stomach aches, lightheadedness, overwhelm, loneliness, trepidation, tears and sweat.