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Why I Love Sundays: Day of Enrichment

With the trainees in a snowy afternoon in Central Park

With the trainees on a snowy afternoon in Central Park

Ever since I gave myself Sunday off every week, my happiness levels have risen drastically. I finally have the ability to achieve something resembling a routine.

This is a big achievement for me as I’m the “Queen of uncertainty!”

Now, every Sunday for the next 2 months I’m obligated to attend the Central Park Docent Training where our group will learn to be wildlife interpreters. This addition of structure to my week and “one no-exception free day” gives me peace of mind and a jubilant feeling of fulfillment.

“This is an activity that’s in line with my passion and interests in wildlife conservation.” Giddiness!

In addition to this training every Sunday, I’ll either join Wendy at her upbeat church or go to Joann’s Public Speaking Bootcamp to hone my skills.

What I love about this is that it’s MY day of enrichment.

“It’s not a day of hangover-recovery or passive relaxation but a day of active and intentional betterment-which brings me joy.”

What is Enrichment? In the context of zoos and aquariums, this is providing a stimulating and challenging activity/environment for an animal to keep it mentally and physically fit. Animals get bored too and it’s important to find ways to keep them sharp and engaged.

It’s my only, no exceptions-made day off and I choose to fill it with activities that make my life “richer.” Everybody has things or interests that bring them meaning and fulfillment and it’s needed every day or at least every week.

“Don’t think about what the world needs, find out what makes you come alive and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

So while I’m working a job to make ends meet, I’m making moves and planting seeds in ways that will bring more of what I love into my life.

What day is your day of enrichment? What activities make your life richer?

Geek out my friends,