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Attitude of Gratitude


Wow, I had a gratifying couple days off and I’m so glad I spent them the way I did. Last week, I went to the American Museum of Natural History twice and had a blast both times, despite going by myself on the second visit. There I realized that “wonder” and “awe” are very therapuetic feelings to experience for me and anyone who loves to learn. The museum was bustling with families and tour groups and there I was-wandering and patiently reading the information by the exhibits, perfectly content all by myself. I had no idea there was a species of American lizard that exists only as a female.


Either way, this hinted that I need to steer my energies more in the direction of “education-exploration-conservation.” Somehow I’m going to devise a way to incorporate these in my everyday life and work. I saw these three key words repeated over and over in the Museum and the NY Aquarium in Brighton Beach.

Another gem that I explored was Prospect Park in Brooklyn which doesn’t match Central Park in size but certainly does so in beauty. The park and all it’s trees were stunning and a pleasure to look at. It’s lovely for a Southern Californian like me to witness such drastic changes in the landscape as a result of the seasons. There we were, my new friend and I, surrounded by glistening lakes, streams and the warm hues coloring the trees’ leaves. Visit this place, it will be a great escape from the city and it’s grayness.

Another thing that I wanted to express gratitude for was finding myself in a place where I’m encouraged to be myself. The people and my current location is receiving me warmly, and I’m not even trying to fit in! This did not happen back in Santa Barbara and Buellton. I tried to change everything, my attitude, my approach, my actions…and NOTHING. Then I pick up and move and finally everything and everyone is “responding.” Environment is everything! It’s no joke that sometimes we just don’t fit in and you find yourself swimming upstream. C’mon, the life of a salmon sucks! Don’t keep trudging along if there’s no sign that things will change. I’m so glad I did this because all that my world is asking of me is to keep being who am and it’s a beautiful feeling.

Cheers to self-acceptance!