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A Much Needed Push

Around the time I was starting to feel miserable and undervalued in my job and place in life (since 2 months ago), I started to google (I have always been an avid googler) topics like “I hate my job”, “how to reach my potential”, “how to push limits”, “reach the impossible”, etc. That’s how I discovered Scott Dinsmore and his “Live Your Legend” movement. It all started with his Ted Talk: “How to find and do work you love” where he informs his audience that a staggering 80% of adults dislike their work and 75% don’t know what their passion is.

Ever since, I’ve been reading his newsletters, using his online tools and exploring his website. Almost two months later, I finally purchased his Live Off Your Passion Course and listened to his strong recommendation of starting a blog to more easily share my ideas with others. I thank him for his guidance because I’d be too chicken to start this on my own due to my perceived lack of tech expertise. If you see a lot of mistakes please bear with me, I’m a total newb at this and it’s an experiment.