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Need An Update?

Victory! Posing  at Central Park

Victory! Posing at Central Park

1) Sublet “Check”

2) Job “Check!”

3) Permanent place “In Progress”

HOORAY! I got a job last week after only a few days of aggressively looking for them. Since I moved to Sheepshead Bay on September 3rd I spent a big chunk of time on preparation rather than action. This includes research on what I wanted and hundreds of edits to my resume. I suppose that’s okay because it relates to the old saying:

“It’s better to take your time and aim at what you want than to shoot in every direction.”

So I got a job as a server at this “Eclectic Mediterranean” Restaurant in Tribeca last week where I totally clicked with the staff, the space, and the food. It might sound “average” to certain people but this is the first time I’ve felt happy at a job for a long time, since I can remember. I mean, these people know how to work hard and have a blast with eachother. Who can say they had an “Office Space Moment” during the monthly team meeting where everyone helped destroy the stubborn office printer!? Ya that happened this Saturday. Anyway, now that I have a source of income I can focus on the search for a place closer to town AND work!

I’m going to officially start my search tomorrow and my place will preferably be in Manhattan so I don’t have to put in so much commute time. Although Sheepshead Bay was a beautiful and good place to start, the one-hour commute to The City each way is painful..and can I mention-unreliable? It must be a coincidence but the Q train I take has been held up 3 times already in the past week! I have to be honest and say that I’m not adjusted to this new dependence on public transportation. In fact, it still deeply frustrates me.

“But whatcha gonna do? Learn and learn some more”


Change Is On Its Way!

iphone pics 357

Oh goodness! So remember when I said I needed a big sweeping change and that I was leaving perfect SoCal to somewhere new? Well I’m not only leaving SoCal, I’m picking up and leaving the state altogether to go to NYC! How’s that for change!?

I’ve taken my time posting on my blog because I had to mentally process what was happening. Humans are funny in the way that we don’t “get” what’s happening in the moment.

So that’s it, I’m selling the few possessions I can squeeze cash out of and going into the unknown. I’ve been in the Big City before and have a pretty good idea of what I’m up against. I already heard of all the obstacles that I’ll come across: high rents, expensive lifestyle, traffic, “rude New Yorkers,” endless competition for jobs, cutthroat atmosphere, long working hours, too many people, possible failure and any other negatives that you can think of. This is what I have to say to that: “I know, I’m going anyway.”

Cheers to feeling the fear and pushing through. No one ever got anywhere staying in an un-challenging environment and not putting in the extra effort.

I won’t lie, I’m scared and worried. Either way, the strong, determined daredevil in me is pleading me to do this. This part of me has been laying dormant for a while, when I didn’t have a lick of confidence left in me. Now, after getting fed up with how things were going and getting some guidance in the process, I’m ready for this! I have to thank some of the friends I’ve been hanging out with that told me to do something about my discontentment. They ignored all my excuses and said that I really needed to change my environment (too much of the same thing).

Luckily, I also started to ignore my excuses for why I shouldn’t move to San Francisco or NYC. So here I am with a flight ticket scheduled to depart 6 days from now!

Stay tuned..




A Short Intro


A fledgling is a young bird that has left the nest but does not yet have all its adult plumage and is still fed by its parents. Fledglings are capable of flying but are inexperienced and may seem reluctant to fly and may show difficulty with landings, takeoffs and distance flight.


And lets not get them confused with nestlings who don’t have any flight feathers and are still completely dependent on their parents.

This is a perfect metaphor for describing the many individuals who have had to live with their parents after they legally became adults to stay financially afloat in this unpredictable economic landscape. Or I can use it to accurately describe MY position in life at the moment.

“As the feathers continue to grow (as the person gains more life experience), the bird (individual) will gain more flying skills (life skills) and their plumage (awesomeness) will become indistinguishable from adult birds” (other awesome, well-rounded and established individuals).

Okay, well maybe that isn’t a perfect deconstruction of the metaphor but it works for me! The only discrepancy I can find in this comparison is the fact that birds can not and do not go back and forth between nestling to fledgling to adult, back to fledgling and then, with a major setback, back to nestling.

But humans, in our complicated world of constant change, can go through numerous stages/chapters of life. A lot of us have the luxury and time to conduct experiments in our lives and try new things to make our lives more fulfilling.

That’s what I’m doing right now. It took me six months to finally transform my curiosity and desire to start a blog into the action of starting and writing this blog today. I’m so glad I took the first step and I hope you’ll enjoy following me on this  journey. It took a few activating events to lead me to this place of search and discovery which I will share with you in following posts.