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Bone Broth Cleanse: Day 4

Claiming victory with Kobe at the dog park

Claiming victory with Kobe at the dog park

You know that feeling you get when the most grueling part of a journey is almost over and your exciting destination is near? Or when you’ve reached a point where you can’t study anymore for a test because you “just know” that you can’t prepare any better?

This nice sense of calm can overtake you and the dread is over. That’s how I felt when I woke up on my last day of the bone broth fast. I was exhausted, wanted food and I would’ve been happier with a juicy steak in my mouth but I knew I’d come through to the other side.

I was a bit smug and excited for the fact that I had one last day to be a couch potato with no shame and that I could indulge the next day. My mom was extremely happy about it being over too. I’m actually still shocked at the fact that she was able to work at the preschool. I wasn’t really functional, hence, why I worked from home the whole week.

Despite having minimal energy to do the things I liked, I managed to complete my work assignments and take my wild dog for a long walk at dusk. It was a relaxing day lived with a sense of victory and pleasant anticipation.

The First Day After The Fast/Ultimate Test Of Will

“I’m up, wait I’m up? I can eat now!”

I woke up at 6am and hobbled over to the kitchen to prep my first meal in 4 days, and it had to be greek yogurt, chopped fruit with some honey drizzled on top. It was delicious! It tasted soooo good but I had to contain myself because there’s rules to coming off a fast.

What an amazing machine the human body is. The standard American puts it through hell and back with a diet full of irritants and inflammatory foods, additives and poor lifestyle habits and it continues to tolerate us and keep us alive. I knew my digestive system was broken and overworked and with just a 4-day break along with a therapeutic dose of cell-reviving bone broth, I was able to restore more efficiency to it. The first couple of days are really hard, then the gut gets the picture and realizes that food won’t be coming anytime soon, so I have to take it easy once you start eating again because it adapts to not digesting and focuses on storing energy.

So I started the day with yogurts, fruits and steamed veggies. Later that night I was treated to a lobster dinner! I was scolded for that but I turned out fine with barely any irritation. We were giving ourselves  2 recovery days with probiotic-filled yogurt before we started our next challenge on Monday 1/18….TheWhole30 Paleo Diet. So far so good, I’ve laid off sugary foods since 1/11 and I can’t help but miss my chocolate.

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