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Catching up

Swans in Sheepshead Bay

Swans in Sheepshead Bay

I’m back! I’m guessing you’re wondering what happened to me and the place I was supposed to have set up before my surprise trip to New Orleans.. Long story short, I missed my last chance to snag an option that was relatively cheap AND close to Manhattan and had to rely on my backup sublet which turned out to be the best option I had!

Let me explain: lightening-quick decision making is rewarded here in New York, there’s just too many other people scrambling for the same things and probably expecting less than you are. I was amazed by how quick people were to throw money down. Even after being the 1st pick to see the place in Sunset Park, the 15 minutes I took to “think about it” resulted in me losing the place to someone who had literally come in five minutes after me and offered the cash! This appeared to be a loss but ended up being a blessing since this alternate place turned out to be beautiful and the people I’m sharing the space with are lovely. I acquired this option through my boyfriend’s college friend who lives in Sheepshead Bay.

Just yesterday afternoon I managed to drag all my suitcases down 4 excruciating flights of stairs to a cab (with help from friendly New Yorkers of course) from East Village to the southernmost part of Brooklyn. I received a warm welcome by Roxy and her family who all turned out to be friendly creative types. After conversing with them for a while I went to explore the bay where I witnessed the prettiest sky I have seen since I left California. These were all good signs for what’s to come, I am certain of it.

1) Sublet “Check”

2) Job “In progress”

3) Permanent place “On hold”

Alright not too bad, 1 out of 3 major tasks completed. I’m putting the pedal to medal now because I’m determined to get my life stabilized. Onward and up!



Getting And Being Here


So I apologize for not keeping you up-to-date but it’s been one hell of a ride. I’m going to warn you that there might be some space between my posts because I have an incredible amount of things to get sorted out now that I’m in New York, New York. So it hasn’t been very pretty or dreamy yet, you know “Champions are made in secret.”

One thing that’s been quite startling is that I don’t have any similar past experiences that I can refer to so I know what to expect or how to react. I’ve lived in many places temporarily but have not actually moved outside the state or country before. This is my first time experiencing any form of homesickness. In the past couple weeks I have felt emotional and bodily sensations that I have never felt before. I couldn’t really explain why my stomach was twisting, why I was losing my breath or why I would randomly feel lightheaded like I was going to faint.

It’s been kind of embarrassing how me and my body were (and continued) to react to everything. The good news is that a lot of that weight has been lifted the moment I touched New York soil because the anticipation of what was to come was partly over.

I’ve been here for 5 days and oh man is there so much to learn and do. My most important goal for the time being is to have a month-long room sublet set up for me when I come back from an unplanned trip to New Orleans. That means I only have three more days to find a decent place, meet the tenants and pay upfront! This isn’t as easy as it sounds as the City and its outer boroughs vary greatly from each other and within in terms of safety, proximity to transportation, price, and green space.

Until then…wish me luck.