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Hello Bushwick


What a rush! I moved into my new apartment with my new housemates just last week on October 1st and it’s been great. Now I have a lot more to do in terms of homemaking and getting settled in. It’s going to take a while since I have a busy schedule during the week and moving heavier furniture  without a car requires lots of planning or money. In the meantime, I have to make-do with little more than an air mattress and most of my stuff on the floor.

Fortunately I was right about my new housemates being open to becoming close friends. We hit it off completely and happen to be from out of the state like myself. Just yesterday we helped each other move a bunch of kitchenware up five flights of stairs, cooked and then went for a night out in the town. I couldn’t be more grateful at the moment. I think all I really need to feel at home is a dresser, nightstand and a mattress with a bed frame.

I’m also thrilled to be so close to a vibrant art scene where murals line the streets and bars look like greenhouses. I just might become a Brooklynite and not want to leave the borough :P.

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Change Is On Its Way!

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Oh goodness! So remember when I said I needed a big sweeping change and that I was leaving perfect SoCal to somewhere new? Well I’m not only leaving SoCal, I’m picking up and leaving the state altogether to go to NYC! How’s that for change!?

I’ve taken my time posting on my blog because I had to mentally process what was happening. Humans are funny in the way that we don’t “get” what’s happening in the moment.

So that’s it, I’m selling the few possessions I can squeeze cash out of and going into the unknown. I’ve been in the Big City before and have a pretty good idea of what I’m up against. I already heard of all the obstacles that I’ll come across: high rents, expensive lifestyle, traffic, “rude New Yorkers,” endless competition for jobs, cutthroat atmosphere, long working hours, too many people, possible failure and any other negatives that you can think of. This is what I have to say to that: “I know, I’m going anyway.”

Cheers to feeling the fear and pushing through. No one ever got anywhere staying in an un-challenging environment and not putting in the extra effort.

I won’t lie, I’m scared and worried. Either way, the strong, determined daredevil in me is pleading me to do this. This part of me has been laying dormant for a while, when I didn’t have a lick of confidence left in me. Now, after getting fed up with how things were going and getting some guidance in the process, I’m ready for this! I have to thank some of the friends I’ve been hanging out with that told me to do something about my discontentment. They ignored all my excuses and said that I really needed to change my environment (too much of the same thing).

Luckily, I also started to ignore my excuses for why I shouldn’t move to San Francisco or NYC. So here I am with a flight ticket scheduled to depart 6 days from now!

Stay tuned..