Stumbling Over Rocks Much?

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Good Afternoon Everybody!

That’s what lead me to search, read, seek guidance, find some answers, and finally to start writing here-stumbling over many rocks in my journey. I’m sure many can relate, whether they be minor setbacks or large ones. We all believe that OUR problems or (better said) “challenges” are a big deal. To give you some much needed validation, they are! Because YOUR world is the only world YOU know! What I’ve learned from experience and my readings is that it is critical that we take the control away from our surroundings and learn to wield it ourselves to avoid “reacting” to life and, instead, to act in an intentional way.

Believe me, this has been a challenge for a while, despite my obsession  with reading books on reaching personal success and potential. I also think that my tendency to react ultimately led to the premature loss of my last job. There’s a silver lining to this occurrence, I was miserable in this job! Ironically enough, when I was called in to get the news, I didn’t fight for it. I literally imagined a mischievous cheshire cat smile because it was my chance to really get going. I’ve been needing a BIG, GOOD, SWEEPING change for a few years now and that’s why I’m preparing to leave perfect sunny SoCal and the familiarity of my home county.



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