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Just two days ago I signed up for the free Start-A-Blog Challenge with Scott Dinsmore from Live Your Legend. It comes with a free 7-day course to help build a successful writing habit and a private community of over 1,200 writers. You can access the free course and join the challenge here: I strongly recommend that you take this challenge on whether you’ll share your ideas with the public or simply write them in secret. Either way, it is an extremely effective tool for exploring your passions and figuring out your world. Daily writing also inspires people to get out and live because it gives them more material to reflect on and write about. Face it, writing is something that everyone needs to be familiar with in this day and age. With practice you’ll become good at it and then you’ll have a huge leg up in life!

I skipped Day#1 of the blog challenge because I already started my blog  in July. So here I go with the 2nd one:

Day#2 of Blog Challenge: What makes you most angry about the world?

Alone Together

Alone Together

  • Apathy/Alienation
  • Silence
  • Complacency
  • Cruelty

Apathy upsets me because it is the cause of inaction in the presence of horror and it seems to be a big issue for the way many Americans react or don’t react to global affairs. Another thing that infuriates me is how people are letting technology alienate themselves from each other. From my viewpoint, it looks like people are becoming apathetic about the lives in front of them because they’re spending most of their time looking at their computer, ipad, or smart phone screens. Nothing breaks my heart more than when I see a couple in a nice restaurant ignoring each other or a group of friends consumed by their phones. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and be engaged or just go home.

Silence in the face of injustice is another thing that drives me up the wall. I have a strong belief that the worst thing to happen in the world is the “silence of good people.” Sure there are more compassionate and reasonable people than there are psychopaths but the few psychopaths that exist will not not be stopped if the “good” majority stands idly by. I always make it a point of mine to stand up for someone if it’s in my ability to help them, it is the best gift you can give a stranger.

Lately, I have been surrounding myself with people who are constantly challenging themselves and I feel SO much better. People who have embraced routine and complacency in theirs lives are boring to be around. I have to thank a few of my friends: Reyes, Spencer, Ola and the Live Your Legend community for sharing that similar view on the importance of enjoying life and lifelong learning.

And last but not least, cruelty is another thing that makes me angry enough to stay up at night. More than anything, it is the complete opposite of compassion which is supposed to be the natural disposition of humankind. It was actually a means to our survival as a species so it doesn’t make sense to me when our own kind continues to commit such heinous acts on humans or animals. This can relate to the recent beheadings committed by ISIS; the annual dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan; bear bile farming in Asia; rape, shark finning and the countless other horrible things that humans continue to do. If I have any supreme purpose on this Earth it is to take part in obliterating many of these.

What Makes You Most Angry About The World?

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