Growing Roots


Hello! I just signed a year lease in this beautiful building in the artistic part of Bushwick (Brooklyn) where I’ll be no longer than a 30 min commute to work! I’m so happy because this is the most grounded I’ve felt since I moved here in August. My roots are beginning to take hold in NYC in terms of job, friends, and NOW – a new home. Things are finally starting to fall into place and make more sense. I’m hopeful that my to-be roommates will become good friends with me because they are both from out of town and keen on getting established in this neighborhood like myself. In the best case, we will grow and expand together.

This week was the ultimate test (in my standards) on my nerves at work since it was my first week off of training and I had to work six shifts in 4 days! That means I had to work some 12-hour days on my feet and running around like a mad woman trying to keep the customers and staff happy. On my day off, I spent the whole day searching for a permanent place to live and found what I was looking for. Nowadays I have been covering ground that I have never covered before. Just a few months ago I never imagined myself being able to handle working in a busy, high caliber New York City restaurant or moving to such a cut-throat city full of ambitious and qualified people. I simply believed I didn’t have the energy, stamina, memory or stress-management ability to do the job. I also read that most restaurants won’t even hire people without NYC work experience. And here I am proving all these beliefs wrong, and it feels great (I’m starting to feel like my old, tough, determined self again). Working in the service industry is an excellent way to get a foothold in a new city.




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    Eres lo maximo sobrina!!!! So proud of you! Te deseo lo mejor del mundo como siempre pero acuerdate que solo perseverance and hard work get you ahead in life. Don’t ever forget to be your kind and happy self and don’t let anyone take that away from you! I love you so much! tia Gigi 🙂

    1. lolitime Post author

      Gracias Tia you’re so full of encouragement and have always seemed to be a cheerleader of mine. I’m so glad to have you and your good vibes in my life.


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