Foreign to the Comfort Zone

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So I don’t know what it is about my nature but I just don’t know what it feels like to be comfortable, complacent or safely in my comfort zone. That state of being has simply eluded me because something has always compelled me to push for more, strive for the better, and grow – resulting in me constantly feeling challenged and a bit uncomfortable. Does anyone else share this peculiar nature to always stay out of their comfort zone? 

I find it odd that I continue to dabble in the unknown despite my apparent fears and anxieties. Didn’t I read somewhere (everywhere) that the human instinct is to reside in the comfortable because it’s safe and the chances of “survival” are higher? Maybe so but who the heck wants to survive!? We all have this supreme right to thoroughly enjoy our lives and see how much we are really capable of.

I’ll admit that I put myself through all kinds of discomfort in search of adventure, knowledge, passion, and fulfillment and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Because of my natural tendency to remain far from my comfort zone, I have learned and experienced incredible things.

By the age of 24 I have gone skydiving, zip-lining, studied abroad in high school, backpacked to Peru by myself, went scuba diving in Tahiti, swam with sharks and stingrays, and lived in Yellowstone National Park. I have also tried horseback riding, salsa dancing, rock climbing, bouldering, self-defense training and Muay Thai. All this comes with price you see, It required me to be uncomfortable at first (maybe even the whole time). One thing you’ll get out of it…feeling ALIVE!

Just last Friday I finally got the courage to join some of my friends for some Acro Yoga. 5 months ago I would never dream of engaging in this seemingly intimate activity with strangers where at times your faces are inches away from each other. And there I was, being held up by feet and hands and getting juggled around.

You just have to get over it and I swear you’ll feel more comfortable in your skin! I’m glad I gave it a try, even if it took me a couple of months to show up for the first time. I know it won’t be the last!



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