Discovering the Culprit (Part 1)


In my last post I addressed the concept of potential how I’ve been struggling to reach it with few tangible results. I then ended the post saying that I discovered the main obstacle to my happiness. This is how I found it..

I was writing in my journal about my fears and the actions I have taken to address the areas in my life that were making me unhappy. I had been taking consistent action to be happier with my job and present location (boring hometown where my job was) as well as finding my tribe, dream career and contentment. I definitely did not just sit on my ass and complain. Here’s a few of the many actions I took:

  • Started going to the YMCA
  • Horseback riding weekly
  • Reached out to new people and made a consistent effort to get to know them
  • Joined some meetup groups
  • Tried drawing every week
  • Hiked almost every week
  • picked up Yoga
  • Sought out Karen Palmer for some mentoring
  • Attending SB Dancetribe totally on my own
  • Took career assessments and constantly read helpful articles
  • went on adventurous “dates” with people I didn’t know too well and where (on one occasion) accidentally ended up at a nudist party where I felt incredibly out-of-place.
  • And of course reading all those books that I listed in the “Potential” post.

*The main problem came from within me.

In my journal I wrote:

“I believe that if I didn’t have the anxiety, situational depression, and habit of over-thinking, I would be living my bliss and getting closer and closer to being my best self.”

–>There it was! I hit it on the nail, all I had to do was learn how to think and talk to myself because I did it a lot and most of it was very negative. I was referred to Shad Helmstetter’s book: “What to Say When You Talk To Yourself” through a number of sources and people before I came to this decision. So I quickly went to work and bought it ready to tackle the source of my recurring issues.

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