An Update On Last Week’s Goals

Fall-Inspired Self Portrait done with colored pencil

Fall-Inspired Self Portrait done with colored pencil

So last week I undertook the project of publicly sharing six ambitious tasks for me to accomplish between Thursday 10/23 and Saturday 11/01. This was an experiment to test the effectiveness of perceived accountability. I say “perceived” accountability because I have no idea how many people or if anyone is consistently keeping track of my blog and its progression. This is fine because its visibility is still public and that puts pressure on me to deliver.

Unfortunately I didn’t complete most of my “weekly big six” because I forgot to consider my mom’s visit to NYC! I am by no means blaming it on her, I am acknowledging the fact that I GROSSLY lacked perspective while planning. I also didn’t know that I was going to be so over-scheduled by my employer.

This is where I got with them:

  1. (Check) Start doing some form of cardio or strength exercise for at least 30 minutes 4-5 days a week
  2. (Check, more work needed) Seek out events and interest-focused groups to attend in Bushwick (probably through Meet-up)
  3. Seek out and attend some exercise or dance class in the area
  4. Buy more towels, a window curtain, trashcans (Check) and recruit my  mom as a decorator (In Progress)
  5. Reach out to at least 2 different resources each day for getting work in my field
  6. (Check and In Progress) Do some awesome things with my mom because she’s visiting and I’m SUPER EXCITED

Although I didn’t put this in my to-do list, I AM very happy with the art piece I created last week. Revisiting my identity as an artist will become the new theme of the year for me, especially now that I’m in New York. This has been unexpected, as art is the last thing on mind when I find myself stressed and I anticipated being highly stressed in New York. This new urge to get back to art has been an utterly pleasant surprise that I am welcoming with a huge embrace. What’s even better? The fact that winter is almost here and the weather is going to be more conducive to me staying in and contemplating an empty canvas.

I’ve also been getting urges to expand my understanding of art into the realm of technology. I know that I’m “young” and expected to really “get” the tech world and all its tricks but I have never been a fan of “screens.” It’s time, it’s time I accept that I can’t run away from these things anymore and I need to learn to conquer them and use them for my benefit in means of graphic design, photography, editing and whatever else I should learn.

Keep Creating!


3 thoughts on “An Update On Last Week’s Goals


    Hola Nicolita linda!!!! Nunca en mi vida he visto un auto-retrato mejor que el tuyo, eres lo maximo sobrina, aprovecha de tu arte para salir adelante en NYC. Puedes vender tus obras por internet o alguna casa de arte. Estas preciosa! Me encantan los colores y las ojas de otonio en tu pelo. bella! Sigue adelante Nikita, May Heavenly Father bless you to achieve all your dreams! Te quiero mucho! y disfruta a tu mamita!!! 🙂 Besitos para las dos. 🙂

  2. Laura

    Hey Nicole, I am following. And it’s great anyway what you did, a master piece without scheduling it! And to reduce the disappointment, I work with one-thing-to-do-list. It’s crazily hard, but try it. It feels so great to be able to check off all the things you managed to do that day, because it was in fact only one – and you can be proud of yourself.

    1. lolitime Post author

      Hi Laura it’s so nice to know that you’re following, thanks for taking the time. That does sound like a challenge especially since there’s so many things that we all have to do on a given day. I even have other lists in my head that don’t make it to my blog or paper. I’ll give having “one big goal a day” a try to see what happens. Thanks again!


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