Always Know Your “Why”


It’s been a rough ride for the last couple of weeks to tell you the truth. More generally, I feel that New York City has been losing it’s charm since I had that big shift in late November. Losing my momentum and spirit, I decided to ask myself why I was doing what I was doing.

“Really, what’s the point? I’m struggling and highly uncomfortable and not exactly happy with how things are going right now.”

The answers I found to that question came from within me and with the aid of a friend from home. I choose to continue living in New York City despite my current discontent because:

  • I made the leap to move here and I want to give it a chance
  • Emotions are fleeting and I figure this is a temporary low
  • Something inside of me is telling me to keep going and I secretly like the pain (maybe?)
  • I don’t want to be a quitter and jump ship before I’ve tried all my options
  • I have a lot to learn from this place
  • I’ve met so many people already and want to see where these relationships go
  • and I’m eager to experience NYC in all its seasons

My friend Maya reminded me of how bored and limited I was feeling in my hometown in California and that I should be proud of making the leap to move here without a foundation. Thanks Maya.

Thinking about the reason why I’m continuing with “the thrash” is vital to my motivation to stay where I am.

Knowing the “why” of our actions help us understand ourselves, our motives and our situations better. It’s what gives us the dose of perspective we need to live our lives intentionally.

I believe that the biggest contributor to my happiness will be my social relationships so I’m going to prioritize opportunities to meet people and network over rest and errands. Being new to the city, this is KEY! I’m just say YES.

Looks like that’ll be my main resolution for 2015. Make friends and ultimately form my tribe. To do that I will attend events from Dreamers&Doers,, coworkers, friends of friends and out&about. I’ve also been wanting to workout with Circuit of Change.

Well that’s about it, time to get some shut eye.

Have a nice weekend!






3 thoughts on “Always Know Your “Why”

  1. Vince

    Hi Nicole. It’s been a while since we last exchanged messages so I thought I’ll drop by your site. Hey, guess what, I’m also currently transitioning in a new environment, a new city because I was also bored back at home. I hear you on that feeling like you want to give up and I salute you on your decision to give this a try. But Nicole, just a thought…when, in any case, you want to change your mind and drop everything…it’s also OKAY…okay? 🙂

    I am so in love your writing.

    1. lolitime Post author

      Hi Vincent, thank you very much for checking it out and I’m glad you’re enjoying my writing. It’s coming from the heart and the fact that it resonates with people means a lot to me.I agree with your statement that if things just aren’t going well in the city and chances of happiness are bleak, it’s ok to leave. I just don’t believe it’s time to leave, something in me is telling me to stay and things are getting better 🙂 I’m definitely excited about that. Spirits are lifting and optimism is beginning to shine through.


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