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Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Nicole and I have an unwavering love for animals, the natural world and adventure. I am also an artist that likes to sketch and sometimes paint. I like to write, dance, socialize, travel and learn. One of my favorite things in the world are beautiful accidents (or serendipity). You know, when things, ideas, or people come together spontaneously to make something great. People often tell me that I’m very engaged, multi-faceted, enthusiastic, intuitive, humorous, and bright.  Another thing about me is that I’m incapable of falling into ruts as I am always infusing my daily life with variety whether that be activities, exercise programs, food and people.


This is one hell of an experiment for me as I am a tad bit self-conscious about publishing my personal thoughts to the world wide web. This blog of mine is focused on personal development, experiential learning, passion-finding, and discovery. The main motivator that got me to manifest this into reality is Scott Dinsmore in his Live Off Your Passion Course and my curiosity that has been brewing for half a year!

What I hope to accomplish with my sharing to readers is more a feeling of connection and that of less isolation. I want everyone to know that we’re in this life struggle together. It’s too easy with all the social media and impersonal qualities of high-tech modern life to forget about authenticity and the value of person-to-person communication. I invite you to witness and follow my adventure through life’s joys and sorrows and my mental process as it’s happening.

Even I have been guilty of wearing my “mask” out in the world in fear that I wouldn’t be accepted for who I really was. Vulnerability allows us to get closer to those around us. Without it, we’re just playing this obnoxious game of “pretending” causing people to feel more and more isolated. I hope to learn and apply more and more to this blog as I go.

Full Bio

For those of you who want to know more about me, here it goes: I was born and grew up in rural Santa Barbara County, also known as Buellton, California. Although I was born in the States I felt different from my peers, possibly because my parents were from Lima, Peru and they remained very involved with their culture and background. As a result, I developed a still-confusing identity as a multicultural individual that has an interesting (and often opposing) set of values and expectations from life and love.

To figure out what I was more of, I studied and lived in Lima, Peru for half a year at the age of 16 and just got used to the idea of  being both equally. For college, I went to Mesa in San Diego, Santa Barbara City College and UC Santa Barbara where I got my Bachelors in Global Studies and an Associates in Math and Sciences.

After I graduated from the university, I went on a “GAP 3-Months” to Peru where I quelled my thirst for travel and got to reconnect with family. After a very fun and enriching experience abroad, I came back home unprepared to deal with the “real-world.” I felt so cheated with nothing but a degree and a few lousy work experiences to get me into any job that could probably pay the bills.

After working in industries and living in a place that left me unfulfilled, I stumbled across a few resources that turned out to be life savers for my sanity. I cover them in my bog posts. I started using these resources on a daily basis to help me find what I was looking for and here I am doing something I never thought I would be comfortable doing, sharing my triumphant AND humbling experiences with the public.


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