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Bone Broth Fast: Day 3

Today I woke up with a vengeance, headaches, dizziness and a bad mood. I was hungry!

Lucy: “Good morning, how are you feeling?”

Nicole: “Like death. Everything hurts and my body needs food, I’m done with this! What’s the point again? Today’s gonna be my last day!”

Lucy: “Oh no it’s not! We’re doing this together and we didn’t get this far to quit now! We already have a ton of people rooting for us AND my friend Barbara is fasting to support us! If you quit now, you’re letting us down. I’m sticking with it for the 4 days. We’re doing this together, don’t quit on yourself now.”

Nicole: “Uhhhhhg, you’re right. I can’t imagine sticking this out another 2 days but, hell, I’ll be so proud of myself if I do. I can’t write or do much of anything that takes brain power! I’ll do my best I guess. Hand over the broth!”

As you see, every day and every minute brought on different obstacles and symptoms. Sources say that this is when the body is doing most of the detoxing.

Still my resolve was waning, I needed a pep talk. My friends, Corey and Dillon were able to share their experiences and motivate me just enough to keep going. Knowing that they had gone through it too while experiencing most of the same hardships was exactly what I needed to hear. After that, I had no doubt I was going to reach the finish line with my mom and claim victory.

After spending most of the day indoors, trying to work, laying in bed, and reading; I mustered enough strength to leave the house and walk my wild dog again. It takes experiments like these where you discover your true strength.

Day 3 done, one more to go!



Bone Broth Fast: Day 2

Unable to move and not trying to fight it

Unable to move and not trying to fight it

Oh boy, day 2 of fasting was hellish from the very start. What’s very curious is that I was coping well on the first whereas, my mother, was feeling like death. She wanted to quit on day 1 and I wanted to quit after day 2. Fortunately, I had her as my rock to get me through all my doubts and pain of the 2nd day. This is the reason it’s so important to have support when trying something like this. I also noticed that the broth seemed especially disgusting to me by now and I couldn’t sip it with without gagging unless I pinched my nose and gulped lemon-infused water immediately after.

Despite being especially sluggish, tired and full of aches from lacking the extra calories and fuel, I tried to avoid the broth by drinking water as long as I could stand it. When I couldn’t take the headaches and fatigue anymore I would sack up, pinch that nose and drink some more broth. The result? I would have a sudden change of spirit and a surge of energy to get me through the day.

Our daily source of fuel

Our daily source of fuel

Today was hard, I wasn’t allowed to take Advil or anything to give me relief from fatigue-induced pains or that empty stomach. This is because taking NSAIDS like Advil would ruin the whole point of doing this fast by damaging the digestive system (lining of the stomach and intestines) which I’m attempting to heal.

This was the first time in my life I allowed myself to be a couch potato without the guilt and anxiety. I didn’t have a choice today, I was glued to the lazy boy covered in blankets for 3 hours without the usual energy to push me.

Day 2 done, I hope tomorrow won’t be as horrible.

Stay tuned,


Day 1 Of Bone Broth Fast



On Friday, January 8th, I drove up to Northern California to be seen by my respected and knowledgeable Functional Medicine Doctor to address several unexplained health issues I’ve been experiencing. He mandated that I go on a 4-day Bone Broth Fast to clean up and heal my gut. Years ago I never saw myself as capable of doing something like this but I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll do anything to feel better due to years of steadily worsening gastrointestinal and systemic turmoil. Starting today, January 12th my mother and I are going on the Bone Broth Fast/Cleanse. We are going to need some cheering and support given that we’ll be eating nothing but the broth liquid for 4 days straight! After those 4 days are up, January 16th, I’ll slowly transition to the Whole30 program (Paleo Autoimmune Diet) lasting 30 days. I’m choosing to take my health in my own hands since conventional medicine doctors couldn’t help me in the least. Lets see just how much the Standard American Diet can hijack our health. 

Borth To-Go

Broth To-Go


Today I got off to a rough start, I woke up at 3:30am to a burning belly. No worries, this is what brought me to broth cleanse in the first place. My gut is literally angry at me. Before this fast, I would usually quell the burning with food, a heat pack and soothing tea (chamomile or ginger) but now it’s different. We, my mom and I, have to ride this through with nothing but our healing potion of bone broth, water and our will of steel. Actually, we are also receiving a ton of social support which is probably our biggest motivator of all.

Fortunately I was able to fall back asleep three hours later. When I woke up again at 8am, I wasn’t surprised to find my mom cranky and lightheaded. I, myself, was feeling less than stellar. After another mug of broth and some water to wash it down I took a shower to energize myself.

It’s 11:30am and I’m not starving yet which is surprising. Still, I see this as an experiment that will force me to stay busy and start new hobbies. I’ll be adding to this as the project unfolds.

Until then, happy eating you lucky ducks!



Reset, Recharge and Restore

HELLO! I’m back from my indefinite hiatus. Although I thought about doing this numerous times in the last 3 months, I avoided it because I didn’t know what I could possibly write given what was happening in my life.

To keep it short: Since my last post, I had been hired by a remarkable marketing agency in the Flatiron district (with whom I continue to work remotely) where I encountered my own version of growing pains, took my first leadership role as a Live Your Legend Meetup host and “revived” the existing NYC Chapter, got really sick, went to WDS (World Domination Summit) where I made lifelong friends and learned lifelong lessons, met many inspiring people, and sadly lost a dear mentor and friend, Scott Dinsmore. Around the time my health took a turn for the worse, my emotional and spiritual stress was too much to bear alone and I decided to move back to California where I could recharge, reconnect with my support system of close friends and family, be in a relaxing environment and concentrate on healing.

Enjoying The Serene Mountains

To my utter delight, I’m thrilled to say that it was the right decision! Apparently I needed to put myself through through the beating of moving across the country to a buzzing megatropolis without any local social ties, job or structured program (like school) to give me some guidance. What is most unfitting is the fact that my outdoorsy self chose NYC.

I had clearly drifted so far out of touch with myself that I didn’t foresee being so affected by the lack of nature, green, friendly weather that I had grown to love living in California. I would never take back my year in New York City as it has been the biggest Turning Point in my life.

Given all that, it’s been such a positive and enriching experience being back and soaking up all that I missed when I was in New York feeling homesick, feeling nature-deprived or shivering under a blanket nursing my 4th sore throat during the harsh winter last year.

Through the many fun and downright difficult trials and tribulations during my year in New York, I learned more and more about myself and what I needed to do in order to avoid the same failures and to attract more success and happiness in my life.

In other words, New York City brought me closer to my authentic self, whom I abandoned somewhere along the road.

I’m so glad I did it and I’m so glad I’m right where I am. It’s good to have the words and voice back.