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Getting To The Heart Of The Matter: What’s Holding You Back?


Finally, I find myself with an extra hour to spare. There’s no better time to share life-changing information than when a blizzard’s unfolding outside your window.

After being referred to Napolean Hill’s Think And Grow Rich for about a dozen times in the last year, I made the move to finally purchase his book on my kindle. I try to read it everyday in the subway.

I want to share with you his list of the 30 Major Causes of Failure because if you’re not exactly where you want to be right now, the first step is to determine what is standing in your way to success. I’m obsessed with getting to the source of things so this is my little treat for me and for you if you need a little push.

The 30 Major Causes Of Failure Are:

  1. Unfavorable hereditary background (Such as a deficiency in brainpower)
  2. Lack of a Well-Defined Purpose In Life
  3. Lack of Ambition
  4. Insufficient Education
  5. Lack of Self-Discipline
  6. Ill Health
  7. Unfavorable Environmental Influences During Childhood
  8. Procrastination
  9. Lack of Persistence
  10. Negative Personality
  11. Lack of Controlled Sexual Urge
  12. Uncontrolled Desire For ‘Something For Nothing’ (little effort-big returns)
  13. Lack of Well-Defined Power of Decision
  14. One or More of the Six Basic Fears 
  15. Wrong Selection of a Mate in Marriage
  16. Over-Caution
  17. Wrong Selection of Associates in Business
  18. Superstition and Prejudice
  19. Wrong Selection of a Vocation
  20. Lack of Concentration of Effort
  21. The Habit of Indiscriminate Spending 
  22. Lack of Enthusiasm
  23. Intolerance 
  24. Intemperance 
  25. Inability to Cooperate With Others
  26. Lack of Possession of Power Acquired Through Self-Effort
  27. Intentional Dishonesty
  28. Egotism and Vanity
  29. Guessing Instead of Thinking 
  30. Lack of Capital

So which of these are standing between you and your success?

I determined that eight of the above tend to stand in my way. Identifying the causes that keep us in a rut is the first step, then the most important things to do is be PERSISTENT and develop a PLAN backed by ACTION!

“Good things come to those who ACT!”



Always Know Your “Why”


It’s been a rough ride for the last couple of weeks to tell you the truth. More generally, I feel that New York City has been losing it’s charm since I had that big shift in late November. Losing my momentum and spirit, I decided to ask myself why I was doing what I was doing.

“Really, what’s the point? I’m struggling and highly uncomfortable and not exactly happy with how things are going right now.”

The answers I found to that question came from within me and with the aid of a friend from home. I choose to continue living in New York City despite my current discontent because:

  • I made the leap to move here and I want to give it a chance
  • Emotions are fleeting and I figure this is a temporary low
  • Something inside of me is telling me to keep going and I secretly like the pain (maybe?)
  • I don’t want to be a quitter and jump ship before I’ve tried all my options
  • I have a lot to learn from this place
  • I’ve met so many people already and want to see where these relationships go
  • and I’m eager to experience NYC in all its seasons

My friend Maya reminded me of how bored and limited I was feeling in my hometown in California and that I should be proud of making the leap to move here without a foundation. Thanks Maya.

Thinking about the reason why I’m continuing with “the thrash” is vital to my motivation to stay where I am.

Knowing the “why” of our actions help us understand ourselves, our motives and our situations better. It’s what gives us the dose of perspective we need to live our lives intentionally.

I believe that the biggest contributor to my happiness will be my social relationships so I’m going to prioritize opportunities to meet people and network over rest and errands. Being new to the city, this is KEY! I’m just say YES.

Looks like that’ll be my main resolution for 2015. Make friends and ultimately form my tribe. To do that I will attend events from Dreamers&Doers,, coworkers, friends of friends and out&about. I’ve also been wanting to workout with Circuit of Change.

Well that’s about it, time to get some shut eye.

Have a nice weekend!






The Holidays: A Time For Reflection And Action

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Woa, I have really been slacking with my weekly posts! This was meant to be posted the day after Christmas but was then interrupted by family members eager to soak up the sun.

YES there was sunlight and NO I wasn’t in New York City anymore. I had the incredible fortune of flying to warm-weather Florida to meet up with family for Christmas. After being miserably cold, stressed and stuck in gray weather-I was eccstatic to leave. The second I landed in Florida I stripped off my sweatshirt, inhaled the sweet humid air, and bounded outside like a child.

In between all those exhaustive dinner plans, travel plans, and/or extra work plans; there’s bound to be some time to sit back and think when you’re vegging out. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in because it is a result of the human reaction to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve.

I found myself thinking: “YES! I’m going to spend every minute outside and absorbing as much Vitamin D as possible!”

Moving to New York City and witnessing the change in temperature taught me to really appreciate the freedom I had in California to spend as much time in the outdoors as I wished. I could to dash outside on a whim without having to throw on three layers of clothing.
I’ve been soaking up all this extra time in the sun since Monday morning. It’s been a complete joy to sunbathe on the beach with my parents and my grandma who traveled all the way from Peru to be with us this holiday season.

Everyone’s seen the focus of New Year’s Resolutions and the good intentions for the next year to achieve outrageous success. What tends to happen is that people’s enthusiasm waver within just two weeks of buying that new gym membership or resolving to read a book per week. That’s because no one is taking the time to right down their resolutions, review them daily, and hold themselves accountable.

The simple act of physically writing down the goals, aspirations or milestones that you want to reach is the first step towards achievement and success. The second step is to review them everyday in the morning and at night to keep your eyes on the prize.

Why put in so much effort you ask? If you don’t want to put in the effort then you might want to reconsider those goals you set for yourself! They might not be what you really want to do. The key to having direction and momentum in your life is to have exciting and worthwhile goals.

So what goals are you setting for yourself this year? To tell you the truth I’m not even sure about mine yet! That’s why I’m attending a Dreamers&Doers event tonight to brainstorm with high-achievers and start this year strong!


Happy Planning,